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Wine knowledge

In the unreliable summers of northern France, the acidity of under ripened grapes was often masked with chaptalization with unsatisfactory results, whereas now the less ripe grapes are made into popular sparkling wines. Overripe grapes can make the wine taste burnt.

Red wine was associated with blood by the ancient Egyptians. The Romans cooked grape juice in lead pots to sweeten their wine… and to poison their wine.

When Cabernet Sauvignon is paired with steak or dishes with a heavy butter cream sauce, the tannins are neutralized, allowing the fruits of the wine to be more noticeable. Yeast is necessary for the fermentation of grape juice into wine. Pursing your lips and inhaling some air while the wine is still on your palate is also a nice way to spread the more complex flavors through your sinuses.

Pertinent info is found on the label. Fruity flavors, with aromas of rose petals, peaches, and allspice. Balance requires neither too much, nor too little, acidity.

Chenin blanc boasts a bouquet of fresh pears, saffron, jasmine, ginger, and quince. The Romans named Sangiovese after the blood of Jupiter; that must have been some hangover. Spice, strawberries, oak and tar. Can’t taste them? Drink more. Intense hatred of wine is called oenophobia. Quip intelligently over oak-aged Chablis. In response to violent demonstrations by protesters, the French government began regulating the amount of sugar that can be added to wine in the early twentieth century.